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High Country Adventures:

These trips are the closest you'll get to exploring the mountains the way the early mountain men did. All of the food, camping gear, and everything necessary to make a comfortable mountain camp, is carried on the backs of sturdy pack animals. You will travel the winding mountain trails aboard a sure-footed, experienced horse. A new camp is made every other night, giving you a chance to explore the surrounding countryside, fish, or just relax in camp with a book. Just like the early explorers, our necessities for a good campsite are feed for the horses, water, and wood for fire. A timber fringed meadow with a creek gurgling through the middle is the most common campsite.


Buffalo Bill Grizzly Safari:

Join us for the adventure of a lifetime in the Wyoming wilderness where Buffalo Bill camped and hunted over 100 years ago. We’ll travel as Buffalo Bill did on sure-footed horses through the spectacular Absaroka Range, surrounded by peaks that stretch up to twelve thousand feet above sea level.

Everything to make your trip a first class experience is packed in on horses and mules by experienced mountain guides and wranglers. In addition to a guide and wrangler, camp will be staffed by an experienced mountain cook to provide you with culinary delights throughout the trip. A knowledgeable, experienced naturalist will also be on hand to answer questions and inform you about all of the many wonders you’ll be seeing.

Horses will transport us daily through spectacular alpine cirques where wildflowers paint the slopes crimson and gold. You’ll be traveling through wild country – grizzly country. We’ll take time to scan the slopes with binoculars and spotting scopes to view them from a safe distance and you’ll learn the surprising ways these great creatures make their living among the high peaks. While the occasional bear might be seen on some of our trips, these trips are specifically taken to view Grizzly bears in their natural habitat. Mid to late summer will find these mountain monarchs concentrating in the high alpine basins. They are traveling there in search of food to tide them over through the long winter ahead. As many as fifteen bears have been seen in one day on these trips. This is a very exciting and informative adventure.

In addition to grizzlies there will be a chance to see other wildlife including bighorn sheep, mule deer, elk, and a great variety of birds and small mammals. Since this is the beginning of the breeding season for the elk, you might get to hear one of the most beautiful sounds in nature, the bugle of a bull elk.

While one of the highlights of this trip is a chance to see bears and other wildlife, this is an opportunity to see and learn about all aspects of a truly wild wilderness that few people ever get to experience.

Trophy Fly-Fishing:

Although fishing is available on many of our trips, these trips have fishing as the main focus. Generally one camp is set and the fishing waters are hiked or ridden to from there. Native Cutthroat , Rainbow, and Brook trout are the main species fished for. The majority of the fishing is done in the rivers that form the Shoshone River west of Cody. However there is the occasional high alpine lake for our anglers to explore. A professional fishing guide can be added for an additional charge.

Full-day and Half-day Trail Rides:

We like to call these "the wilderness appetizer". These rides will give you a little taste of what to expect on our pack trips. We intentionally keep our groups small so that every rider can enjoy all aspects of the ride and not feel like just a number on a hot dusty trail. Although we have rides for all ranges of riding experience, from beginner to expert, we specialize in rides off the beaten path for the more experienced rider.

Horse Supported Hikes:

Have you ever wanted to do a 100 mile hike through the Rocky Mountains, but didn’t because of the weight you’d have to carry? How many times have you huddled in your backpacker tent eating one more freeze-dried “meal” while dreaming of real food along with a cold beer or a glass of wine? Whether you’re a backpacker with miles of experience, or are new to the game, and have had these thoughts, we have the trip for you. We like to call it backpacking “the cowboy way”. On our premier horse supported hikes we provide all camp equipment, tents, food, camp staff, and guides. We also provide pack horses and experienced packers to transport your gear, along with the camp gear, to the various campsites. All you need to provide is your sleeping bag, personal gear and a sense of adventure!

The beauty of horse supported hikes is the ability for the hiker to cover distances that before would not have been possible without carrying a heavy pack, if at all. Because you are able to travel unencumbered, more miles can be traveled in a day, and side hikes to explore off the beaten path are possible. And when you reach the end of your day, camp will be set, the cook will be preparing gourmet delights over an open fire, and a cold beverage will be awaiting. Another plus is that groups of hikers and riders can be combined. This allows someone who isn’t a hiker to join the group and enjoy the Rocky Mountains.

If you like to carry your own pack and would like to make that long hike you’ve always dreamed of, but can’t bring enough food or gear because of a room/weight factor, we also offer re-supply services. We will meet you at a prearranged rendezvous point and bring you fresh food, supplies for the next leg of your journey, clean clothes, etc. We will also back-haul any garbage and anything else that needs to go to the front country. If there are any big water crossings on your journey, we can safely ferry you across.

Base camp Adventures:

Not keen on doing a lot of riding? Do you have young children who might get tired out from moving camp often? Our base camp trips are the perfect solution. After a short ride to camp, the trip will stay at one location for the duration. Of course horseback riding will be available every day for those who wish to, along with other activities including fishing and day hikes.

Corporate Retreats:

Out-of-the-box thinking takes out-of-the-office experiences.  Take your group to the wilds of northwest Wyoming, where for 150 years folks have learned what they are made of.   Whether you’re looking for a wilderness retreat or a focused team building program, look no further.  Our staff can design a program tailored to meet your needs, provide for your back country comforts, and serve up great food.  Your gear will be packed in by horse, and you can choose to hike or ride into camp.  Get to know your group on a new level as you work and play together in this new environment.