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When it comes to horseback vacations, Livingston Outfitting covers it all. Our horseback wilderness adventures offer the best in family getaways, corporate retreats, trophy fly-fishing, wildlife viewing/Photography, and horse supported hikes.

Lee Livingston was born and raised in Cody, Wyoming and has been professionally guiding horseback adventures since 1985. Being horseback since before he can remember and growing up in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains, naturally led him into a career that combined his two passions, horses and the mountains. Unlike some outfitters who see their horses and mules as tools, Lee considers them partners in the outfit and knows full well that without them life just wouldn't be the same. He is often heard saying If the Good Lord meant for me to walk, he wouldn't have made horses!.

Lee and a crew of experienced mountain hands make up the premier outfit for horseback adventures in Wyoming.